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HESD Residential Locksmith

Every home has locks and that goes for pretty much everywhere in the world. Should it be a simple lock or a more complex lock we all have locks to keep intruders out. Here in Vegas we have millions of locks, hotels make up a good amount of those locks but we have a vast amount of residents living here that need a locksmith service at some point in their lives. We have been fortunate to work with some amazing customers here in Las Vegas who have become lifelong customers of ours.

Our locksmiths cover a whole host of services but not limited to installation of locks and lock change outs and full security home screening. This is what some of our home service professionals install:

Window locks, Patio locks, security bar install, dead bolt locks, digital locks, attic locks, door locks, duel door locks and more.

We also deal with the following lock issues such as:

Repair locks, replace lock barrels, broken key removal, key cutting service, cylinder combination changes, lock install, and lock upgrades plus emergency entry service.

Not only do we install locks we also work with safe installation and opening. More and more homeowners are opting for in home safes to keep valuables, which makes sense after the last current financial crisis. You need to have cash and valuables close to you if the banks decide to close due to another crises and you can’t access any cash or your safety deposit boxes. Home safes are so secure these days that they make some bank safes look antiquated. They can be hidden anywhere in the property and they are used to keep media, guns, cash and any other sensitive stuff safe. The types of safe we recommend are fire proof safes that can be set up to be hidden in walls or floors. We also have safe opening locksmiths that can help you get back in a safe if you are locked out for any reason. The newer safes are harder to get locked out of but with older safes it still happens.

When the time is right count on our residential locksmiths right here in Las Vegas to get you back in your home if needed or install new locks for you. Call us and our technician will advise on the best locks for your price point and new lock technologies that can make your life easier.